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The Sandbox

Won't somebody think of the placards!

Won't somebody think of the placards!

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What gets written on a placard when the writers strike?

My last post may have given some people the idea that I don't like the writers strike in America. To a certain extent that's true, in that I don't like the fact that there is a strike. However I fully support the strike and the writers, I just wish it hadn't come to this.

For those of you unaware about the issues the wiki page has more details, but the main issues are that the writers are not getting their fair share of profits from dvd, online and other new publishing mediums for television and films.

Several actors have shows support for the strike, presumably as they themselves are writers, or have friends who are writers. Then there's Michael Eisner (aka the man who drove Disney into the ground) who's calling the strike "stupid". Of course he wouldn't appreciate writers anyway.

The last strike by the Writers Guild of America was in 1988, cost $500 million dollars and lasted 22 weeks. Given shows often have episodes written well in advance of their air date, a short strike wouldn't affect the scheduling too much. Therefore to be affective the strike has to be long, and already shows are deciding what to do once they run out of pre-strike material. Shows like 24 and Lost that haven't started yet will probably be canned and shows already started will go on indefinite hiatus.

Which leaves more room for reality tv shows as they are unscripted.

There's an amusing video out there which asks the question, "What are all the striking writers doing now?". It's also ironic that the video has been released on the internet, one of the mediums for which writers currently get no payment for.

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